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Our Story

One fine Saturday morning we were ready for a TRIP planned by our friends but somehow it got cancelled. We were in a very bad mood and still wanted to do something fun. So we decided to make a cool project which we had in our minds form past few days. Then we just jumped in to build it and by the evening Great Apps Timeline was live with timeline of 3 apps.

Great Apps Timeline is a beautiful website which presents the UI evolution of some of today's greatest apps.

Great Apps Timeline is a way to appreciate how most of the apps which you use in your day to day life, has an almost invisible, rich history. We want to inspire developers & designers by looking into the past & present of these apps.


Launched in 24th June 2016 on Product Hunt and was #1 product of the day. It got around 35K page hits in 24 hrs.


We’re a team of 2 people based in Bengaluru, India. Neetu Singh and Kamal Kant Kosariya, both are co-founder of Noww and former engineers at Intel.


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